Cash Handling Training for Convenience Store Managers

Feb 25, 2016 | Operations

As a convenience store manager, your days are busy. From staffing issues to operational challenges to making sure your customers are receiving excellent service, you’re juggling quite a bit. For many managers, making cash deposits is another task on a busy to-do list. The biggest mistake you can make, however, is to treat cash handling as simply part of your routine. For your own safety and the good of your business, making cash deposits requires a high level of awareness and focus.

Follow a Consistent Process

It’s crucial that all employees who make cash deposits follow a consistent process. This starts with training. Online cash handling training for convenience store managers can help ensure that everyone receives the same message outlining general safety guidelines as well as specific store policies.

Get Organized

To safely make a cash deposit, you must be organized. When you’re frazzled or rushed, you’re more likely to make mistakes. When you remove cash from the safe, go immediately to the area where you will count and store the deposit. Lock the door behind you. Count your cash at least twice to ensure accuracy. Do not allow yourself to be interrupted when you’re counting the money and preparing the deposit. If you need to pick up change when you’re at the bank, call them ahead of time so they can have the change order ready.

Proceed with Caution

Any time you’re carrying cash, it’s important that you minimize distractions and remain keenly aware of your surroundings. Wait for low-traffic times to handle the deposit, and make sure you know who is in the store at the time you’ll be handling and transporting the money. Before you leave for the bank, walk the store inside and out, looking for suspicious activity. Discreetly let employees know what you’ll be doing. All employees should be trained to never tell anyone when you are going to the bank, even people who call on the phone. Remain alert as you walk directly from the store to your car and from your car into the bank.

Safety is the top priority when handling cash and making cash deposits. Your store’s cash handling procedures must be followed precisely and consistently. Make sure everyone is properly trained on their part in the process. Mistakes at any point in the cash handling process can place everyone in danger.

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