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Career Progression™ Convenience Store Training Suite

Our unique approach to achieving higher employee retention is focused on Career Progression™. We understand that training is a critical component in retaining quality employees. Our learning content is designed to guide employees on career paths that align with their goals and benefit the company as a whole. Our convenience store training curriculum is a sure way to increase retention and keep employees engaged in your organization. Browse our training series below.

Human Resources Training Series

Human Resources Training

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Human resources issues such as FMLA compliance, sexual harassment, diversity and violence are a must-have in any convenience store training program. With separate workshops for managers and employees, our HR Training Series helps everyone in your company understand, prevent, and handle these important HR issues.

Early Success Training Series

cstore training

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There’s a lot to cover when an employee first starts a job with you, and breaking that information into easy to understand topics will lead to better retention and implementation. Our Early Success Online Training Series is a comprehensive program that covers a wide variety of topics important to convenience store employees.

Specialist Training Series

convenience store training

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Success in the convenience store industry requires specialized skills for employees of all levels. Our Specialist Online Training Series elevates the skill level of employees in specific topic areas. With separate workshops covering the topics of Security Awareness and Operations, managers and employees develop a solid foundation for carrying out the mission of their business.

Leadership Development Training Series

cstore management training

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Your management team will make or break your success as an organization. Our Leadership Development Training Series delivers valuable training topics tailored specifically to your assistant managers, store managers, and district managers.

SURE™ Food Safety


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Food borne illness poses a significant threat to public safety, and it can do real damage to your business, too. According to the CDC, 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 people die each year due to food borne illness. The CDC also reports that food borne illness incidents, which can cost a company thousands or even result in closure, are almost always preventable. That’s where food safety training comes in. In partnership with Intruis Publishing, ReadyConvenience offers the SURE™ Food Safety as an online program.

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