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Published monthly for the many training administrators using our e-Learning platform, Bright Ideas features articles, learning management system news, featured modules, and much more. View the newsletter archives below.
Bright Ideas: August 2016

Are You Ready for the Frenzy of Fall?

With August underway, attention turns from fun in the sun to back to school. For many retail and service businesses, this means a few changes are coming your way. First, traffic patterns will change as people are out and about, needing to make quick stops for convenience meals, snacks, and gas. Second, as college and high school students return to class, your staff makeup and availability will probably also change.  READ MORE

Bright Ideas: July 2016

Law & Order

While the summer months often bring more customers through the store doors, they also bring an increased threat to your store’s security. According to the United States Department of Justice, crime rates increase during warmer weather. Loitering, vandalism, shoplifting, and even robbery are all potential threats for convenience stores during the summer. READ MORE

Bright Ideas: June 2016

Vacation…Next Exit!

Leading travel forecasters estimate that this summer will set more records for Americans taking leisure trips. With gas prices low and consumer confidence on the rise, that means more people on the road – and more potential customers for you. Are you and your staff prepared for your store to become a vacation station? READ MORE

Bright Ideas: May 2016

April Showers…

You know what they say about this time of year – April showers bring May flowers. In the case of your operation, the same analogy holds true. Your actions as a leader at any point in time have a profound impact on how your staff performs down the road. READ MORE

Bright Ideas: April 2016

Time for a Little Spring Clean-Up!

With temperatures warming up and a new season ahead of you, now’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning. Sure, some literal deep cleaning is a good idea to keep your store looking its best, but there’s much more to it than that. In addition to the physical appearance of your store, what other areas of your business could use some freshening up? READ MORE

Bright Ideas: March 2016

You Don’t Need Luck to Find Your Pot of Gold

Looking for the pot of gold in your operation? It’s right in front of you. Every customer who walks through your door creates opportunities for you and your staff to deliver gold star service. Exceptional customer service doesn’t happen by chance, however. It takes great leadership, consistent training, and dedication by your employees. Think of yourself as the creator of the rainbow that leads to the pot of gold. Are you building a path to prosperity for your store? READ MORE

Bright Ideas: February 2016

Love ’em & Lead ’em

What do your employees mean to you? Do you see them as a simple reflection of their time cards – working the swing shift today, off tomorrow – or do you see them as a reflection of yourself? The truth is, you are only as good as your weakest team member. Instead of focusing on what your employees can do for you, think about what you, as a manager and a role model, can do for them. READ MORE

Bright Ideas: January 2016

You’re Perfect the Way You Are…Now Change

You may not lose 15 pounds this year, you may not call your mother every week or give up the carbs. But, this is the year that you become the manager — no, the leader — you are destined to become. This is the year you will succeed. Today is the day you begin. READ MORE

Bright Ideas: December 2015

Naughty or Nice

This time of year, there’s a lot of talk about being naughty or nice. What does that mean to you, as a leader? When you reflect on 2015, make it about more than just whether or not your store hit its goals. Instead, think about how you performed as a brand advocate for your business. To evaluate your branding performance, take a step back and look at your store from the customer’s point of view. You and your employees should always be portraying an image consistent with the high standards of your brand. READ MORE

Bright Ideas: November 2015

Talking Turkey

By now you and your staff are primed and ready for the holiday rush. Your staff is trained, displays are up, and customer traffic is on the rise. So what do you do now? That’s easy. It’s time to talk turkey. The new year is right around the corner. Are you poised for a strong start to 2016? Now is the time to think about your business goals and initiatives for next year and how employee development fits into that plan. READ MORE

Bright Ideas: October 2015


The kids are back in school, that chill in the air is getting chillier, the days are getting shorter, and, is it just us, or do lines seem to be getting longer already? For many retailers, October is the unofficial kick-off of the busy holiday season. While most consumers won’t be in complete holiday mode for another month or so, retailers have to be. Now is the time to prepare your staff by reviewing your training curriculum and ensuring your team is ready for the chaos of the upcoming holidays. READ MORE

Bright Ideas: September 2015

Back to School…Back on Track

As the kids go back to school, many families are settling back in to familiar routines. The end of summer is also the perfect time to evaluate your learning programs. Are you and are your staff on track to meet your 2015 learning goals? If you staff up this time of year, will your training program set your new employees up for success? READ MORE

Bright Ideas: August 2015

Sunhawk X Launch Celebration

We’re celebrating here at RTO! A few weeks ago, we launched our upgraded LMS, Sunhawk X. Feedback from clients has been positive, with many companies already seeing the benefits of the new system. READ MORE

Bright Ideas: July 2015 - First Edition

Training Administrator Newsletter Launch

Your success is our success. As part of our ongoing effort to improve our standard of client care and communication, we’re now publishing a monthly newsletter for our Training Administrators. The newsletter will provide important “need to know” information, along with some great ideas to help you make the most of your program and the RTO solution. READ MORE

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