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The new year is right around the corner, are you ready for it? In the fast-paced c-store industry, it’s challenging to keep up with the changing business climate. As you look forward to the busy month ahead and a new year right around the corner, here are some trends to keep in mind:

Trends in C-Store Management for the New Year

Employee training: The concept of “continuous learning” will gain more momentum. This employee training model builds on the idea of blended learning by increasing the pace of learning through implementing various learning platforms and continuous feedback.

Staffing and human resources: Finding and keeping quality employees for your c-store will continue to be a challenge. Employers in 2018 will have to focus on creative recruitment strategies to find good employees, such as increased incentives for referrals and technology-based recruitment. To retain more of your workforce, you’ll need to think outside the box to tap into your employees’ needs for career advancement, social responsibility, and work-life balance.

Industry: Industry experts forecast that the c-store industry will continue to grow in 2018, giving your customers more options for the products and services you offer. To attract new customers and keep the loyal ones you already have, look to expand your offerings with more food service options, electric charging services, and self-checkout options.

Consumer loyalty: C-store customer loyalty will be even harder to earn in 2018. People want to do business with companies that not only fill their needs, but also share their values. To be competitive, find ways to connect with your customers personally and reach out to your community compassionately.

Leadership: Look for the concept of “collective leadership” to start dominating management strategy in the next year and beyond. With a focus on teams leading companies instead of individuals leading teams, collective leadership will create more innovation and improve employee morale.

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