Take a Different Look at Your Sales Goals

Aug 1, 2019 | Management

Most every smart business goal you set for your store includes some tie to financial performance. Often, managers are incentivized, at least in part, by their ability to meet and exceed the sales goals set for their stores. That explains why you should be keeping a close eye on profitability metrics, but why should your staff? How your staff perceives the sales goals for your store is up to you. Your presentation of your goals molds both your staff’s view of them and commitment to them.

The Telescopic View

When you give your staff a telescopic view of your goals, they’ll see your store only in ways that compare it to others. This might mean you compare yourselves to other units in your chain, competitive stores in the area, or even to national convenience store trends. A telescopic view of your sales goals is valuable in some ways, but skewed in others. When you give your staff too much of a big-picture view of your c-store, it’s hard for them to see how their contributions to the team can make a difference.

The Microscopic View

Opposite of the big picture is, of course, the details. When you give your staff a microscopic view of your sales goals, you risk overwhelming them with financial minutiae of your convenience store’s profitability. Your staff members aren’t forensic accountants – they’re hourly team members who simply want to contribute to your store goals in meaningful ways. It’s your job to show them how to do that.

The Goldilocks View

In order to get your staff to buy-in to your sales goals, you need to explain your goals in a “just right” sort of way. Show employees the link between their performance and the overall performance of the store. Give them real-world examples of how their efforts contribute to the store’s vision and mission. Provide the c-store employee training that will help ensure they have the skills they need to be effective.

Profitability is only one measure of a convenience store’s success. Other factors show a more complete picture, such as staff turnover rates, repeat customer traffic, add-on sales, and so on.

Training to Promote Your Sales Goals

Set your employees up with the work skills they need to contribute to your store’s profitability now and in the future. Check out our online convenience store training courses for details.

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