Effective C-Store Training: Blending Strategies

Sep 14, 2016 | Training

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” There’s truth in that Chinese proverb, especially when it comes to training your staff. Effective c-store training presents material so that it can be both understood and implemented. Adult learners remember what they see two times more effectively than what they read. To implement a concept, your employees need to see it, then do it.

These training best practices underscore the importance of a blended training approach for your c-store. For example, when training on robbery deterrence, you might hand out your store’s policy in written form. Then, you might have your employees watch online training demonstrating the correct procedures. Finally, at a training meeting, you can use role-playing scenarios or other team games to make sure trainees can implement the procedures appropriately.

Why Blended Learning Works

Take a look at these top five reasons why blended training is an effective c-store training strategy:

  • Learning styles. Blended training is suited to a variety of learning styles, helping you reach all employees in a way they learn best.
  • Assessment. Online training programs give you a chance to assess how well trainees understand material before they implement it.
  • Repetition. When you use blended training, your employees are exposed to your important content multiple times, increasing retention.
  • Tracking. Any time you include online training in your overall training program, you have an opportunity to track who has viewed each module.
  • Feedback. An interactive in-person training session lets your trainees give you immediate feedback about how well the training applied to them.

Blended Learning for C-Stores

Click here to take a look at a variety of online training modules that can be easily integrated into your blended training program. All effective c-store training programs start with you, the manager, choosing to make training a priority every day.

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