The Trickle-Down Effect of Employee Training

Jan 3, 2018 | Management, Training

In the Rocky Mountains, snow pack during the winter determines how much water is available for towns, businesses, families, ranchers, and farmers for the next summer season. This is the original “trickle-down effect,” and it has nothing to do with economics. The idea is simple – when resources are plentiful at the top, the benefits flow all the way down the line. Think about how that applies to employee training.

How Leadership Training Benefits Managers

The hierarchy of a convenience store depends a lot on the mechanics of the store – who owns it, how many locations exist, and so on. Regardless of how far up the leadership structure goes, leadership training makes a difference from the top down. Beyond broad “how to be a better leader” training, the whole company benefits when leaders are trained in more specific topics, too. For example, when leaders master time management, they will be able to spend more time with their teams. When leaders understand different learning styles, they become better coaches.

How Management Training Benefits Employees

To be effective down the line, convenience store management training should incorporate advanced content on the topics employees are learning. Managers, more than anyone, are role models for employee behavior. From stocking the shelves to managing conflict, managers are always on stage with employees watching their every move. When managers successfully implement training concepts, employees will follow suit.

How Employee Training Benefits Customers

The person at the end of the trickle-down effect of employee training is actually the person at the top of your priorities – your customer, the most important person in your store. Customers hear, see, and feel the end results of your entire training program. Every training topic in your learning library affects the customer, including topics that might not have an obvious direct link, like employee safety, receiving, or cash handling. When your entire team – from top leadership to store managers to the brand new cashier – is well trained, it helps ensure that every point in a customer experience positive. This leads to higher sales, improved customer loyalty, and job security for your entire staff.

Convenience Store Employee Training

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