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An LMS – or learning management system – has many benefits for convenience stores. Let’s take a look at each element of an LMS one at a time.


The core of a learning management system is the transfer of knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it. If an LMS can’t do that, it’s not really an LMS, it’s just a database of information. The main learning benefits of an LMS are:

  • Consistency – when you use online learning, all your convenience store employees receive the same message.
  • Orientation – on-boarding is more efficient when new employees can learn the essentials of your business through quick online lessons.
  • Custom learning paths – online learning allows employees to pursue training that aligns with their career goals.


Every aspect of your convenience store business has to be managed, and the more streamlined you can make that management process, the better. The main management benefits of an LMS are:

  • Course assignment – an LMS allows training administrators to quickly assign courses based on an employee’s specific role, skill gaps, or development goals.
  • Reporting – keeping track of which employees have completed training and how well they did is a key management function of any LMS.
  • Compliance – all training is important, but some compliance training for convenience stores is mandated by law. An LMS helps you ensure your employees master the legal requirements of their jobs.


A system connects individual elements to complete a functional process. The right LMS not only puts all your training into one place, it can also be the link between training and other departments. The main systemic benefits of an LMS are:

  • Communication – Training is a form of intentional company communication between management and employees. An LMS delivers a uniform message with opportunities for feedback.
  • Documentation – Many learning management systems allow for storage of important company documentation for easy access by employees even after they complete their training.
  • Retention – Studies show well-trained employees are more likely to stay, and move up, in their jobs. This decreased turnover has a ripple effect throughout departments.

Employee training, based on the company vision and overall training goals, is an ongoing process. Online learning provides a solid foundation for your on-the-job training and mentoring program.

Online Learning for Convenience Stores

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